General Questions

In Full Payment option, you choose to pay the entire amount of transaction at one go using any one of the payment solution available with you.
You can extend your stay provided you intimate us of such extension at the time of your booking. Additional charges will be applicable. No extensions/alterations can be done when the tour is in progress.
We do not change the itinerary nor date of the tour, however in case of force majeure events, circumstances force us to change the routing or date of the tour, as the case may be, just for your safety.
Yes, you can modify your booking or travel plan. There may be certain charges for modifications or for canceling the old booking and making new arrangements. The travel consultants at our offices will assist you for the same.
Cancellation of tour will attract certain cancellation charges. The travel consultant will give you the details about such cancellation at the time of booking or for more information on cancellation charge.

Booking & Payment

The advance 50% amount that you need to pay for blocking the rate for your Hotel booking or tour.
We recommend you to book your tour at least 4 months prior to the scheduled departure date. For Indian tours, railway booking opens 4 months prior to the departure date. However, if you book early you can avail of the advance booking discounts.
You can book your tour at flyinheaven.com offices or flyinheaven.com Franchisee. If guests are residing out of town, they can book their tour online through Internet banking.
We will send u the voucher mail within 24 hrs after the full payment.
To book a International tour, you need passport with 6 months validity subsequent to the scheduled departure date of the tour and with sufficient number of blank pages for visa purposes. You also need to pay a registration amount depending on the tour price. Whereas for Indian Tours identification proof and registration amount is required for detailed information on the booking procedure.
Yes NRI's can book any of flyinheaven.com Indian Tours. We have separate NRI tour price in USD for all Indian tours.


  • Refunds if any, for variation / modification / amendments / alteration and / or cancellations etc. of any tour will be paid directly to the guest by 'A/C payee' cheque, in Indian Rupees at the prevailing rate of exchange on the date of the cheque, as per Reserve Bank of India Rules and Regulations, irrespective of whether the tour payments in part or whole were made in foreign currency.
  • No refund will be payable:
    • For any missed/unused services of the tour including the meals due to whatsoever reason.
    • Where full deposit is required to be paid in advance to the concerned authorities to enable the Company to confirm the reservation
    • If services of the tour are modified, varied, amended, cancelled or not utilized.
    • If any guest decides and / or is required to cancel the tour due to any changes made in the rules by the concerned Government.
    • Where airfares are contracted in bulk for I-Fly departures.
    • If the tour is indefinitely postponed due to a natural calamity, riots, political calamities or any other unforeseen calamities.
    • Refund is not applicable for sectors on Indian/World tours wherein air tickets are non refundable and date change is not allowed.
    • For all Card payments - Payment received by Cards and if there is any refund, such refund will be done through the respective cards Financial Institutions and credited to the same card. The charges for transaction to be borne by the guests.

    In case of cancellation of your tour by the Company, you will get the refund of actual amount paid by you. But if you cancel the tour, the cancellation charges will be applicable as per the below mentioned cancellation policy:
    Before Amount you must pay Cancellation charges % on Total tour price
    50 days 15%
    30 Days 25%
    20 to 16 Days 40%
    15 to 11 Days 60%
    10 to 7 Days 80%
    6 to 0 Days 100%
    On the day of departure 100%
    On Tour 100%
Yes, your refund amount is transferable to your other tour. Incase, if you want your refund amount to be transferred to that your friend's or relative's tour, we'll need a duly signed Authority Letter from you.
Ideally, it takes 4 - 5 working days to process refunds, once the guest agrees on refund amount.
Ideally, the refund amount is credited using the same mode of payment that you had used to book the tour.